Saturday, December 18, 2010

USS Whipple (DD-217) on Internet Archives

Be sure to check out the video on the Internet Archives at
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  1. A collection of movies and GIF slide shows related to the USS Whipple (DD-217).

    Named for a Civil War Naval Hero, Admiral Abraham Whipple, the DD-217 was commissioned in 1919, and decommissioned on November 9, 1945 at the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

    USS Whipple (DD-217) Complete 16-minute Movie

    USS Whipple (DD-217) Movie

    USS Whipple (DD-217) During WorldWar II (1941-1945)

    USS Whipple (DD-217) Pre-WorldWar II (1919-1940)

    USS Whipple Crossing Equator (June 22, 1944) - Documents

    USS Whipple Crossing Equator (June 22, 1944) - Photos of Crew

    USS Whipple (DD-217) Shipmates (1941-1945)

    USS Whipple During World War I (1919-1940)

    USS Whipple Ship's Party (November 9, 1945)

    USS Whipple's Muster Roll (1944) & Final Deck Log (1945)

    Other USS Whipple DD-15 (1903-1919)and DE-FF-1062 (1970-1992)

    Sampson (NY) Boot Camp (1942-1946)

    Harvey Westfall's Four-Piper DD PhotoParade

    Sinking of USS Moody DD-277 (1933)